NYCC Plans: Miss Fortune from League of Legends

New York Comic Con is fast approaching. This year I will most likely only be attending on Sunday afternoon, unless I can somehow acquire a badge for Saturday afternoon… I intentionally did not spend the money on a full weekend badge this year because the convention is just not worth spending that much to me anymore. Seeing as I live in NY, I always try to make an appearance, but the convention is hardly my favorite. It is overly expensive, way too crowded, and difficult to cosplay at. So I will be going on Sunday this year to see Gillian Anderson’s panel and hopefully get a chance to meet her. I am a HUGE X-Files fan, so this is kind of a big deal to me.

Now on to the cosplay plans! I am hoping to wear Miss Fortune from League of Legends.  I got the wig in the mail today and I have started working on some parts of the costume already. I am still at a loss for how to do the guns, but I will figure something out I am sure.

The thing I am most nervous about with this costume is the fact that its a bare midriff costume. As some of you reading this may already know, I lost about 45 lbs last year, and I used to always tell myself I would never do bare midriff costumes. Last year, I made my first bare midriff costume, my Bollywood outfit, which I felt very comfortable and confident in. This costume feels different though, because it’s perceived to be a “sexy” costume. I don’t completely know yet how I will feel about this, or what reactions I will get to the costume, but I am excited to make and wear this costume regardless. I cosplay because I like the characters and the designs, but in the past I have been discouraged by negative or inappropriate attention, so with this costume I am challenging myself to push my own limits and stop caring what everyone else says or thinks!

Time for some progress pics! I don’t have much yet, just got the wig today and started the bra last week!


AnimeNEXT, Updates in the Costume Gallery, and Summer Plans

Its a slow process adding all my past costumes to the gallery… I have so many… So far I have added pages for my 6 most recent costumes with construction notes and photos.

AnimeNEXT is a mere 3 weeks away and there is so much to do. At this rate, I will probably only finish two of the three costumes I had planned because I have more commission work that needs to be done.  I will be debuting my Nurse Joy costume and a new Umi Ryuuzaki costume from Magic Knight Rayearth with DandelionsWish as Hikaru, and our friend Beth as Fuu.  I am actually doing most of the sewing and jewelry/armor and resin work for the Rayearth costumes, so I have quite a bit of work ahead of me.   DandelionsWish is doing the wigs and flower crowns for the costumes, she does insanely beautiful work with styling and dying wigs, so I am crazy excited!

The other costume I had been planning to make was Zelda from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Unfortunately, it will probably not get done until later this summer for the Upstate NY Cosplay Picnic in Saratoga! I was going to wear it for that event anyway because the photo locations are so lovely!

I have had to change my Dragon*Con plans as well. I do not know 100% what I am making yet, but most likely one of the many costumes I already have supplies for, Eowyn’s White Dress, Inara’s Shindig Dress, 2 different Padme costumes… the list goes on…