Throwback Thursday! Sakura Kinomoto from CCS

Still to this day, this version of Sakura is one of my favorite costumes! Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my other absolute favorite Anime series and I love so many of her costumes (I have made 3 from CCS and one from Tsubasa). This was my DREAM Sakura costume. The costume is her Princess outfit from the play they perform in the second CCS Movie. I premiered this costume at Katsucon 2009 and then wore it again to Anime Boston 2009.

The motivation to make it back in 2008/early 2009 was simply that I found the perfect fabric on clearance… for $15 a yard! Why so expensive you ask? It is 100% Silk pearlescent taffeta. I got it from one of the textile suppliers I use when I make bridal gowns. Lets just say, this fabric was “payment” for making my sister’s wedding gown… my parents were buying the fabric for her gown and let me tack on 7 yards of this gorgeous taffeta on them. It was amazing.  I actually used the same fabric in Ivory for my sister’s gown.

So once I had the fabric, I got right to work on the dress and wings. The sewing was relatively simple but there was a pretty clever panel in the back for inserting the wings. The neckline was interesting to figure out,  I ended up using horsehair braid in it to keep it standing up like that! There is also horsehair in that huge hem. This costume probably has the biggest skirt I have ever made as well, it was a gathered full circle skirt with a train!

It was also my first time ever making feathered wings. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out! I even made that signature CLAMP “swirl” out of feathers on the base of each wing!

Hailo cosplayed as Syaoran with me and we made a Kero-chan suit for Mark to wear! That Kero-chan suit may in fact be one of my greatest costuming achievements! I love it so much!

Photos were from Katsucon 2009 and were taken by Leonard Lee and Mark Baker.


Throwback Thursday! Hitomi Kanzaki from Escaflowne

Decided to start posting my TBT on here as well and its TECHNICALLY still Thursday, I know I am cutting it a bit close… I’ve been trying to do this regularly over on my Facebook Page, but thought it might be fun to share here as well!  This week I chose to feature my Hitomi Kanzaki costume that I made back in 2007 and then wore to Katsucon 2008.  Escaflowne is probably my favorite Anime series and I was super excited to finally get around to cosplaying as Hitomi. I worked so hard on that jacket all the way through the second half of 2007. I had just taken a tailoring course in college and decided to make her jacket using proper tailoring techniques. It was made from a felted wool suiting and lined with some kind of fancy suit lining that I am forgetting the name of. I made all the patterns myself and it was quite a complex pattern create her collar. I probably spent around 25-30 hours on the jacket alone. The pendant was made by my friend Diana (from Bejitaballz Cosplay).

Dandelionswish and I are trying to find a time when we can do new photos of my Hitomi and her Merle costumes! Hopefully soon!

I only really have two photos of this costume. Both were taken by Mark Baker at Katsucon 2008. Hailo cosplayed with me as Van. She made her whole costume.