Throwback Thursday! Hitomi Kanzaki from Escaflowne

Decided to start posting my TBT on here as well and its TECHNICALLY still Thursday, I know I am cutting it a bit close… I’ve been trying to do this regularly over on my Facebook Page, but thought it might be fun to share here as well!  This week I chose to feature my Hitomi Kanzaki costume that I made back in 2007 and then wore to Katsucon 2008.  Escaflowne is probably my favorite Anime series and I was super excited to finally get around to cosplaying as Hitomi. I worked so hard on that jacket all the way through the second half of 2007. I had just taken a tailoring course in college and decided to make her jacket using proper tailoring techniques. It was made from a felted wool suiting and lined with some kind of fancy suit lining that I am forgetting the name of. I made all the patterns myself and it was quite a complex pattern create her collar. I probably spent around 25-30 hours on the jacket alone. The pendant was made by my friend Diana (from Bejitaballz Cosplay).

Dandelionswish and I are trying to find a time when we can do new photos of my Hitomi and her Merle costumes! Hopefully soon!

I only really have two photos of this costume. Both were taken by Mark Baker at Katsucon 2008. Hailo cosplayed with me as Van. She made her whole costume.