About Kairi G

I am a Cosplayer and occasional fashion designer based in NYC. I have been cosplaying since 2003 and have made more costumes than I can actually count any more! I have won many awards over the years and now usually prefer to judge costume competitions, but I will sometimes join in on a skit!

My favorite types costumes to make are pretty gowns and super hero costumes. I have a weakness for any costume designed by CLAMP, I want to make them all. Beyond that, I am very interested in movie costuming, but those costumes tend to be very expensive so I do not get to make as many. My favorite characters to cosplay are Eowyn from Lord of the Rings, and Sakura from CardCaptor Sakura.

I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology from 2005 – 2009 and graduated with a BA in Fashion Design, specializing in Evening Wear and Bridal Design. Since then I have had my own small business making custom wedding gowns, costumes, and one of a kind fashion pieces, and I have worked as a freelance costume designer for a Britney Spears and Lady Gaga impersonator. I have been doing cosplay commissions on a regular basis since 2006.

My other job is as a Weight Watchers Leader and Nutrition Coach. I am returning to school to study Nutrition Science!

Please visit my other website, www.ericagreenwold.com, to see my Bridal and Fashion work!

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