Throwback Thursday! Princess Leia from Star Wars

Today I take you back to the summer of 2005! I had been working on my Princess Leia costume for a few months and premiered it at Connecticon 2005! I also made an Amidala costume for my sister, Han Solo for Mark, and my sister and I together made an Anakin costume for her boyfriend, Tom. My Leia dress was made as screen accurate as possible. I spent a lot of time researching how they made the original dress! My belt was a combination of pleather and metal. I cut the metal pieces with a jewelers saw in my jewelry class at school. The domes on the belt were the button pieces from a covered button kit.

The other 3 costumes were in many ways much more difficult and took up a lot more of my time when preparing for Connecticon. The Amidala dress was extremely difficult and I could say a lot about it, but I will save that for another post! We won First Place in our division at the Connecticon masquerade for a really stupid skit we made up in the car on the way to the convention! All around that was an awesome convention, there was also a Harry Potter book release party at the convention!  I will be honest, I do not remember who exactly took these photos, most likely Tim Colose.


NYCC Plans: Miss Fortune from League of Legends

New York Comic Con is fast approaching. This year I will most likely only be attending on Sunday afternoon, unless I can somehow acquire a badge for Saturday afternoon… I intentionally did not spend the money on a full weekend badge this year because the convention is just not worth spending that much to me anymore. Seeing as I live in NY, I always try to make an appearance, but the convention is hardly my favorite. It is overly expensive, way too crowded, and difficult to cosplay at. So I will be going on Sunday this year to see Gillian Anderson’s panel and hopefully get a chance to meet her. I am a HUGE X-Files fan, so this is kind of a big deal to me.

Now on to the cosplay plans! I am hoping to wear Miss Fortune from League of Legends.  I got the wig in the mail today and I have started working on some parts of the costume already. I am still at a loss for how to do the guns, but I will figure something out I am sure.

The thing I am most nervous about with this costume is the fact that its a bare midriff costume. As some of you reading this may already know, I lost about 45 lbs last year, and I used to always tell myself I would never do bare midriff costumes. Last year, I made my first bare midriff costume, my Bollywood outfit, which I felt very comfortable and confident in. This costume feels different though, because it’s perceived to be a “sexy” costume. I don’t completely know yet how I will feel about this, or what reactions I will get to the costume, but I am excited to make and wear this costume regardless. I cosplay because I like the characters and the designs, but in the past I have been discouraged by negative or inappropriate attention, so with this costume I am challenging myself to push my own limits and stop caring what everyone else says or thinks!

Time for some progress pics! I don’t have much yet, just got the wig today and started the bra last week!

Throwback Thursday! Sakura Kinomoto from CCS

Still to this day, this version of Sakura is one of my favorite costumes! Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my other absolute favorite Anime series and I love so many of her costumes (I have made 3 from CCS and one from Tsubasa). This was my DREAM Sakura costume. The costume is her Princess outfit from the play they perform in the second CCS Movie. I premiered this costume at Katsucon 2009 and then wore it again to Anime Boston 2009.

The motivation to make it back in 2008/early 2009 was simply that I found the perfect fabric on clearance… for $15 a yard! Why so expensive you ask? It is 100% Silk pearlescent taffeta. I got it from one of the textile suppliers I use when I make bridal gowns. Lets just say, this fabric was “payment” for making my sister’s wedding gown… my parents were buying the fabric for her gown and let me tack on 7 yards of this gorgeous taffeta on them. It was amazing.  I actually used the same fabric in Ivory for my sister’s gown.

So once I had the fabric, I got right to work on the dress and wings. The sewing was relatively simple but there was a pretty clever panel in the back for inserting the wings. The neckline was interesting to figure out,  I ended up using horsehair braid in it to keep it standing up like that! There is also horsehair in that huge hem. This costume probably has the biggest skirt I have ever made as well, it was a gathered full circle skirt with a train!

It was also my first time ever making feathered wings. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out! I even made that signature CLAMP “swirl” out of feathers on the base of each wing!

Hailo cosplayed as Syaoran with me and we made a Kero-chan suit for Mark to wear! That Kero-chan suit may in fact be one of my greatest costuming achievements! I love it so much!

Photos were from Katsucon 2009 and were taken by Leonard Lee and Mark Baker.

Throwback Thursday! Hitomi Kanzaki from Escaflowne

Decided to start posting my TBT on here as well and its TECHNICALLY still Thursday, I know I am cutting it a bit close… I’ve been trying to do this regularly over on my Facebook Page, but thought it might be fun to share here as well!  This week I chose to feature my Hitomi Kanzaki costume that I made back in 2007 and then wore to Katsucon 2008.  Escaflowne is probably my favorite Anime series and I was super excited to finally get around to cosplaying as Hitomi. I worked so hard on that jacket all the way through the second half of 2007. I had just taken a tailoring course in college and decided to make her jacket using proper tailoring techniques. It was made from a felted wool suiting and lined with some kind of fancy suit lining that I am forgetting the name of. I made all the patterns myself and it was quite a complex pattern create her collar. I probably spent around 25-30 hours on the jacket alone. The pendant was made by my friend Diana (from Bejitaballz Cosplay).

Dandelionswish and I are trying to find a time when we can do new photos of my Hitomi and her Merle costumes! Hopefully soon!

I only really have two photos of this costume. Both were taken by Mark Baker at Katsucon 2008. Hailo cosplayed with me as Van. She made her whole costume.

Eowyn’s White Wool Gown

When I first saw The Two Towers in the theater in 2002, I knew I had to someday make Eowyn’s white gown.  At the time, I had not even started officially “cosplaying” yet.  Eowyn is one of my all time favorite characters and I made my first Eowyn outfit, her Coronation gown from Return of the King, in 2009.  In 2010, I made the “Shieldmaiden” outfit.  While I love both of these costumes, I still so badly wanted to make the white wool gown!

There was one detail which made the white gown so elusive. I had no idea how to make the metal medallion belt. I tried everything but I was never happy with the results. I talked to an artist about having it cast in metal even, but it was going to cost far too much money! So for several years, I collected materials and supplies, I made patterns, I studied all the details, but I had no way to make the belt.

Fast forward to just a few months ago. I was hanging out with some of my friends and it came up that my friend Mike just got a 3D printer! We got to talking about costume stuff and he suggested we try 3D printing the medallions for the belt! I basically just provided him with photos and sketches and he did all the real work. He and his business partner did some lovely work and all I had to do in the end was the painting and sewing the belt medallions to the dress! Basically this made this costume finally possible!  Shoot me a message if you are interested in having some 3D printing done or if you would like to order an Eowyn belt yourself, because Mike and his business partner are happy to take on more projects!

Once I knew the belt was finally possible, I immediately got to work sewing up the dress and working on the embroidery!  I did all the embroidery by hand with gold and silver metallic threads. I used the embroidery design diagram from Alley Cat Scratch’s website. Her website has a ton of amazing reference images for this costume. I also used the costume breakdown on Costumer’s Guide for a lot of my research. My dress was made from a high quality fine gauge wool knit that I got at Mood Designer Fabrics in NYC.

I am excited to share the first photos from the photo shoot with Dustin Leitzel at Dragon*Con! Hope you all like them! It is such a dream come true to finally have made this costume!

A Year’s Worth of Updates!

Yes, its been almost a year since I last post on this website. I have had quite a few other things on my mind, and have mainly been updating my Facebook Page. I have returned to school to study Nutrition Science and have been working on a complete overhaul of my career. That doesn’t mean I have not been cosplaying though! I actually feel like this past year, I have created some of my best costumes!

I became OBSESSED with cosplaying from the artwork of Japanese artist, Sakizou. I made two costumes for myself and made the corset and some accessories for one for my friend Brittany, a.k.a. Dandelionswish. I am planning a photo shoot of Dolce later this fall with my good friend Beth (Ryoko-dono) as Macaron! I am also trying to pick another Sakizou design to cosplay next year!

I did a few new photo shoots of “Shieldmaiden” Eowyn at Katsucon 2013 and FINALLY made Eowyn’s White Wool Gown which I wore to Dragon*Con last weekend! The White Wool gown is a costume I have been planning for years! It felt so good to finally be able to make it! I have to thank Dustin Leitzel, Joseph Chi Lin, and Alex Reynolds for getting such lovely photos of these two costumes!

About a month ago, we celebrated the 10th annual Upstate New York Cosplay picnic! In honor of its 10th year, I chose to wear my Goddess Umi costume since I wore Celestial Umi to the very first picnic! It is Throwback Thursday after all, so here is a photo from 2004 of Celestial Umi alongside a photo of Goddess Umi from this year’s picnic!

My next convention will most likely be New York Comic Con. I will not be there all weekend as I have work and school, but I will most likely show up and cosplay SOMETHING on Sunday! After that I will be attending Long Island Doctor Who, a brand new convention dedicated, obviously, to Doctor Who. I will be wearing my Femme Eleventh Doctor and a Clara costume! By the way, check out the aforementioned Femme Eleven and the rest of the Doctor Who ladies at Dragon*Con!

Thanks for reading! I hope I am much better about updating this website this year than I was last year!

Dragon*Con Photo Previews and NYCC Plans!

Its been a week and I am still recovering from Dragon*Con. I ended up only bringing 2 costumes this year, but both went over very well! I have already received several beautiful photos of my costumes.  I also wore the Bollywood costume to the Upstate NY Cosplay Picnic a few weeks ago.  Now I am already working on stuff for NY Comic Con which is in a month! I plan to wear the Thor evening gown again, and I am also planning Bunny Thor! I have always wanted to make a proper bunny suit inspired by the Vintage Playboy Bunny suits, and well, it seems like a good idea. I am very much looking forward to NYCC now! In the meantime, enjoy these preview photos! Hopefully I will have more photos to share soon!

Thor – Evening Gown

Photo by Nate Buchman

Bollywood Final Fantasy Group

Photo by Anna Fischer

Photo by Dustin Leitzel

AnimeNEXT Photos & Summer Plans

AnimeNEXT happened! I wore my new Umi and Nurse Joy costumes! I had a great time with my friends, who made every minute of the convention worth while!  The Magic Knight Rayearth and Pokemon photos were by Tim Colose and Jeremiah Bird.

I have a lot of commissions scheduled for this summer, so I will be sewing constantly. My next event is the Upstate NY Cosplay Picnic in Saratoga Springs, NY on August 18th. I try to go to this event every year because I helped get it going back in 2004! The photo locations are beautiful and a lot of very nice people attend!  I plan on making Skyward Sword Zelda or Mami from Madoka for the picnic.

My next convention is Dragon*Con! My favorite convention of all! I just booked my plane tickets and finally decided on my costume line up! I am planning on bringing 4 costumes, 3 of which will be brand new!

  • Eowyn’s White Wool Gown – I have actually been working on this one for a while, hardest part will definitely be the metal belt that I have to make! Otherwise it is essentially the same pattern as the Coronation gown and will be pretty easy to make.
  • Bollywood Carbuncle – A group of my friends have designed and are creating Bollywood designs based on Final Fantasy summons, look for us in our Saris and Sparkles!
  • Thor inspired Gown – A fan designed gown inspired by Thor’s costume. Fully sequined gown, right up my ally!
  • Starbuck – Fixing up and re-wearing my Starbuck costume from BSG. Didn’t get any photos of it last year and I aim to remedy that!

AnimeNEXT, Updates in the Costume Gallery, and Summer Plans

Its a slow process adding all my past costumes to the gallery… I have so many… So far I have added pages for my 6 most recent costumes with construction notes and photos.

AnimeNEXT is a mere 3 weeks away and there is so much to do. At this rate, I will probably only finish two of the three costumes I had planned because I have more commission work that needs to be done.  I will be debuting my Nurse Joy costume and a new Umi Ryuuzaki costume from Magic Knight Rayearth with DandelionsWish as Hikaru, and our friend Beth as Fuu.  I am actually doing most of the sewing and jewelry/armor and resin work for the Rayearth costumes, so I have quite a bit of work ahead of me.   DandelionsWish is doing the wigs and flower crowns for the costumes, she does insanely beautiful work with styling and dying wigs, so I am crazy excited!

The other costume I had been planning to make was Zelda from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Unfortunately, it will probably not get done until later this summer for the Upstate NY Cosplay Picnic in Saratoga! I was going to wear it for that event anyway because the photo locations are so lovely!

I have had to change my Dragon*Con plans as well. I do not know 100% what I am making yet, but most likely one of the many costumes I already have supplies for, Eowyn’s White Dress, Inara’s Shindig Dress, 2 different Padme costumes… the list goes on…

Website Shuffle!

Hello Everyone!

I have recently gone through some re-branding of my websites, if you are looking for my Bridal and Fashion website, please visit

Kairi G Design is now going to be focused on my personal costuming work, commissions, and conventions. Thanks for stopping by!